What are Sigils?

What are Sigils?

Sigils, to put it simply, are symbols. Traditionally, they could be used to symbolize entities such as spirits or deities. These days they are usually used as a form of chaos magic by representing an intention.


There are many ways to create a sigil. Some people build them from traditional symbols such as runes. Others create wheels of letters and use the lines that connect them to represent a phrase. Some use a system that pares down a phrase to a few letters and combine those letters to create new symbols.


I like to take an artistic route, creating something that feels like it depicts its meaning. Sometimes they're a little obvious. Other times they're more abstract.

Example of a sigil for staying grounded

This one is for staying grounded. Yes, I used an electrical one-line symbol as the base for this one.


Although there are many ways to explain the use of sigils, they vary from person to person and belief system to belief system.


For me, they serve as a visual reminder, so when I look at them, I can recall their intent and redirect my energy towards that. I feel like a lot of magical things are more mundane than they might seem at the surface, or maybe a lot of mundane things are more magical than we might realize at first.


Sigils can be applied or activated in many ways. Some people believe they need to be charged with energy and intent before a definitive, prescribed action is used to activate them.


My favorite way of getting excited about a sigil is making them into temporary tattoos. I know I could just take a pen and draw them directly on my skin if I want to wear them for a few days, but there's something about the process of applying a temporary tattoo that feels a little more like a ritual.


Example of a sigil as a temporary tattoo worn on the wrist

I feel like the entire time I'm making them, from drawing, to printing and assembling, to cutting them out, all while focusing on what they're supposed to mean gives them energy. When you press them onto your skin and dampen them, you are willing intentions to manifest. When you peel the backing paper off to reveal your new magic symbol, you activate them.


Maybe it's not magic, maybe it is. But little rituals help us make things happen by reminding us of what we want, and being an early step in taking action towards getting it.


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