About Mulberry Moons

Artist Statement

Mulberry Moons began as an exploration of magic. It has since become the outlet I use to assuage my overthinking, anxious disposition. I digitally transform simple abstract shapes, altering and stretching and combining them until they resemble something familiar and comforting. It’s like forming and sculpting with a computer mouse instead of hands in clay. Sometimes I start with the familiar—a tablet and pen—and continue with the digital prodding and poking at my faithful computer. This change in Mulberry Moons may not have been a dramatic transfiguration, but that’s fine. I’m all about finding the magic in the mundane.

Artist Bio

Maria Morales wearing an optivisor in an attempt to look cool

Maria Morales is a California native and Pacific Northwest transplant born to two Mexican immigrants in the 90s. Her family encouraged her in her pursuit of many ambitions. While she aspired to attend a prestigious university, graduating from high school during the 2008 financial crisis led her to instead attend a local community college for her first two years of higher education with the intention of transferring to a four-year university. Maria, however, was prone to distraction and instead enlisted in the United States Navy as a nuclear field Machinist’s Mate.

During her enlistment, she was diagnosed with a disability that led to her early medical separation. Not ready to return home to California, she moved to Washington to learn about the data center industry. Alternating between her career and education, she attended various schools on and off to make progress toward a degree. In the meantime, she rediscovered her love of art and began creating again until she one day decided she wanted to create full-time.

Maria recognized that creativity was important to her mental health, and that traditional employment was often lacking in accommodations for her disabilities. It became clear that she wanted to pursue small business ownership with the intent of using her platform to advocate for other disabled creatives.

In 2023, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. She is currently pursuing an MBA in Management.

Along the way, she met her partner and they adopted her motivation for pushing through the struggles—three dogs and two cats.



About Mulberry Moons

Mulberry Moons is disabled-, queer-, Latina-, and veteran-owned. All products are either designed by owner, Maria, and produced with the help of manufacturing partners, or handmade by Maria. Digital products are created by Maria.

The intention behind Mulberry Moons is to make creativity accessible to all and to advocate for mental health through creative endeavors.