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Small 3x4" Heart Tab Petal Envelope SVG

Small 3x4" Heart Tab Petal Envelope SVG

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This design is intended for personal use only and does not include a commercial license. It may not be used for commercial use. These files may not be distributed, resold, or gifted as a freebie or giveaway item. It may be used for product packaging but the packaging itself may not be sold.

This is a downloadable file to create a 3x4" petal envelope with a heart tab using a cutting machine such as, but not limited to, a Silhouette or Cricut.


Please note, that it may look like the tab and the slot do not line up when you first fold them over. You should gently hold the tab with the flaps of the heart pointed up, and slide it under the slot and through. This may temporarily bend or arch the back of the envelope, but when you release it, the dip on the top of the heart should hold in place and the envelope will lie flat again.

A few users have reported difficulty folding the envelope and accidentally creasing the heart tab. To address this, I have added variations that include scorelines that you may use if your machine supports it. Instructions are included.

I have also added a second version of this envelope with a wider tab. The wider heart is less prone to tearing delicate materials, and the slot is much wider than the original version, which should make it easier if you're having trouble slipping the heart through the slot.

Additionally, you should ensure that your cutting machine is large enough to support an 8x8" sheet of paper. The final dimensions of the envelope are 3x4" when folded, but it must be cut out at approximately 7x7" so machines such as the Cricut Joy are too small to support this. The envelope may be scaled up or down, depending on what your machine can support. Note that dimensions may not be preserved if using the DXF file, so they should be double-checked before cutting.

If you have any difficulties or questions when using this or any of my other files, feel free to reach out! I'm always happy to troubleshoot or walk you through it. This particular file can be tricky, but feedback has been mostly positive (see reviews).

This comes with four file types:

SVG files will not work for Basic Silhouette Studio. You must use Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or use the DXF file instead.

NOTE: This is not for a physical product. The envelopes pictured are examples of the envelopes that can be made with the cutting file.



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